Selected Lists of Talks and Upcoming Meetings (since 2002)



2023, May 19-21, KSIAM annual conference (Spring), Webpage

2023, July 24-Aug. 4, LMS-Bath Symposium, Operators, Asymptotics, Waves, Webpage



2022, Jan. 27, Mini-Workshop on Mathematical Analysis and Related Topics, online, Webpage

2022, July 6-14, ICM 2022, St. Petersburg, Invited Lecture, Webpage



2021, May 6-9, International Conference on Partial Differential Equations Related to Material Science, online, Webpage

2021, May 27, Workshop on Boundary Integral Operator: Theory and Application, Maxwell Institute, online, Webpage

2021, July 8-9, Series of Lectures on Waves and Imaging (IV), ETH, online, Webpage

2021, July 14, KIAS Expository Lecture, poster

2021, Oct. 20-22, 2021 KMS Annual Meeting, KIAS Plenary Lecture, online, Webpage.

2021, Dec. 1-3, 2021 RIMS Workshop, Spectral and Scattering Theory and Related Topics, Webpage





2019, March 26-28, Tomography and Inverse Problems, Tsukuba University, Japan, Webpage

2019, March 30, Mini-workshop, Neumann-Poincare operator and related topics, Inha University, Webpage

2019, May 20-24, Geometric Properties for Parabolic and Elliptic PDEs (6th Italian-Japanese workshop), Palazzone in Cortona, Italy, Webpage

2019, June 28 - July 3rd, Integral operators and layer potentials (9th Congress of Romanian mathematicians), Galati, Romania, Webpage

2019, July 8-12, Applied Inverse Problems Conference, Universite Grenoble-Alpes, France. Webpage

2019, July 26-29, A3 Foresight Program workshop "Modeling and Simulation of Hierarchical and Heterogeneous Flow Systems with Applications to Materials Science Ⅵ", Sendai, Japn. Webpage, A3 book

2019, August 19-23, Recent Advances in Nonlocal Kinetics, Fluid and Diffusive PDEs, Jeju, S. Korea, Webpage

2019, Oct. 30-Nov. 3, Calculus of Variations, A celebration of Paul Rabinowitz's 80th birthday, UniHotel, Jeju, Korea.



2018, Feb. 8-10, International Workshop: The Neumann-Poincare Operator, Plasmonics, and Field Concentrations, Ramada Jeju Hamduck Hotel, Jeju, S. Korea. Webpage

2018, Sept. 7-10, International Workshop on Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations, Southeast University, Najing, China

2018, Oct. 18-20, The 5th Joint Workshop of A3 Foresight Program, Mathematics of Fluid Dynamics and Material Sciences, Lankai Sanpine Hotel, Gangneung, S. Korea, Webpage



2017, Jan. 16-20, 10th International Conference Computational Physics, Macao, China. Webpage

2017, March 13-17, Novel Optical Materials, IMA, USA. Webpage

2017, April 24-28, Emerging Topics in Optics, IMA, USA, Webpage

2017, May 29-June 2, Applied Inverse Problems, Hangzhou, China, Webpage

2017, June. 12-18, Control Theory, Integral Geometry and Inverse Problems, Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia.



2016, Jan. 9-11, Kanazawa Spectrum-Scattering theory symposium, Kanazawa University Satellite Plaza, Japan.

2016, June 27-July 1, The 8th International Conference on Inverse Problems and Related Topics, Ewha womans University, Seoul. Webpage

2016, Sept. 28-Oct. 1, Mathematical science for nonlinear phenomena, in honor of Prof. Okamoto's 60th birthday, Hotel Grand Terrace Obihiro (Hokkaido, Obihiro), Japan

2016, Nov. 5-6, 2nd East Asia Section of IPIA-Young Scholars Symposium, National Taiwan Univ.

2016, Dec. 5-9, Mathematical Analysis of Metamaterials and Applications, Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum, China. Webpage

2016, Dec 13-15, "Composites, Metamaterials, and Inverse Problems" in honor of Graeme Milton's 60th birthday, KAIST, Daejeon, S. Korea. Webpage 



2015, Feb. 26-28, International workshop on Neumann-Poincare operator and related fields, Inha Univ. (organizer). Webpage

2015, May 25-29, Applied Inverse Problems Conference, Helsinki. Webpage

2015, June 15-19, Hybrid Methods in Imaging, Banff International Research Station, Canada. Webpage

2015, June 29-July 3, Reconstruction, stability and applications in inverse problems, Institut Henri Poincare (IHP), Paris. Webpage

2015, Aug. 10-14, ICIAM 2015, 8th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Beijing, Webpage

2015, Aug. 16-19, The 2nd Chongqing workshop on Computational and  Applied Mathematics, Chongqing.  Webpage

2015, AUg 24-28, Korean-French Conference in Mathematics, IBS Center for Geometry and Physics, Pohang, South Korea. Webpage

2015, Sept. 28-Oct. 2, Inverse Problems, Imaging and PDE, the Institute for Advanced Study, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Webpage

2015, Nov. 26-29, A3-conference, Xiamen, China



2014, Feb. 10-14, Korea PDE winter school, NIMS, Daejeon, Korea. Webpage

2014, March 18-21, British Council Researchers Links Workshop on Soft Matter: Analysis, Applications and Challenges, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS), Daejeon, Korea. Webpage

2014, May 26-29, From Mechanics to Geometry, in honor of Marshall Slemrod's 70th birthday, Seoul National Univ., Seoul, Korea. Webpage

2014, June 7-9, Third International Conference on Interdisciplinary Applied and Computational Mathematics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. Webpage

2014, Aug. 7-9, Imaging, Multi-scale and high contrast PDEs, Seoul ICM 2014 Satellite Conference, NIMS (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences), Daejeon, Korea. Webpage

2014, Aug. 13-21, International Congress of Mathematicians, The Korea Science and Technology Center, Seoul, Korea (Organizing Committee), Webpage

2014, Aug. 25-Sept. 5, CIMPA-INDONESIA research school (Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Imaging), Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. Webpage

2014, Aug. 29-30, National Symposium on Mathematical Analysis and Its Application (SNAMA 2014), Indonesia.

2014, Dec. 5-6, KAIST CMC PDE Inverse Problem Workshop, KAIST.

2014, Dec. 13-14, Seoul-Tokyo Conference, Applied Partial Differential Equations: Theory and Applications, KIAS.

2014, Dec. 15-19, International conference on inverse problems and related topics, National Taiwan University, Taipei. Webpage



2013, Feb. 20-22, Session "États de la Recherche", Inverse problems and imaging, Societe Mathematique de France, Institute Henri Poincare, Webpage

2013, May 27-31, Applied analysis for the material sciences-Conference in honor of Michael Vogelius 60th birthday, Luminy, France, Webpage

2013, July 1-5, 7th Applied Inverse Problem Conference, KAIST, Daejon, Korea (Organizer), Webpage

2013, Sept. 22-23, Northeastern Asian Symposium on Methods and Modeling for High Performance Scientific Computing, Sichuan Univ., Chengdu, China.

2013, Nov. 20-22, Geometry of solutions of partial differential equations, RIMS, Kyoto Univ., Japan.

2013, Dec. 5-6, CMC inaugural conference, KAIST, Korea



2012, Feb. 16-17, NTU-Inha 2012 Bilateral Conference on Analysis and Scientific Computing, National Taiwan Univ., Webpage

2012, May 18-19, KSIAM annual meeting, Ehwa Woman's U. Korea, Webpage

2012, May 22-25, China-Japan-Korea International conference on mathematical biology, Busan National U., Korea, Webpage.

2012, June 18-22, Inside out, A conference on inverse problems in honor of Gunther Uhlmann, UC-Irvine, Webpage

2012, July 30-Aug.3, Inverse Problems and PDE Control, Sichuan Univ., Chengdu, China, Webpage

2012, Sept. 17-21, International Conference on Inverse Problems and Applications in honor of Gunther Uhlmann's 60th birthday, Hangzhou, China, Webpage

2012, Oct. 21-27, Computational Inverse Problems, Oberwolfach, Germany



2011, May 2-3, The 11th International Workshop on Differential Equations, Chonnam National Univ., Korea (Size estimation of two phase material by boundary measurements)

2011, May 23-27, 6th Applied Inverse Problems Conference, Texas A & M Univ. Webpage (Size estimation by boundary measurements-Translation methods)

2011, June 17-21, International Conference on Interdisciplinary Applied and Computational Mathematics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, Webpage (Enhancement of near claoking using generalized polarization tensor vanishing structures)

2011, June 28-July 1, Workshop on multi-scale and high-contrast PDE: from modelling, to mathematical analysis, to inversion, Oxford University (Organizer). Webpage

2011, Aug. 1-5, Inverse Problems in Analysis and Geometry, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, UK. Webpage (Enhancement of near claoking using generalized polarization tensor vanishing structures)

2011, Sep. 1-21, Inverse Problems, Issac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK. Webpage

2011, Oct. 13-15, Intensive lecture and Mini-symposium on Computational Mathematics, Inha Univ. Incheon, Korea (Organizer). Webpage

2011. Oct. 27, Colloquium, Sogang Univ.

2011, Nov. 4-5, 3rd Dalian-Inha Joint Workshop on Mathematics and Software, Inha Univ., Korea. Webpage (Size estimation of unknown conductivity inclusions by boundary measurements)

2011, Nov. 25-27, KSIAM Annual meeting, Jeju,  Korea. Webpage (Size estimation of unknown inclusions via boundary measurements)

2011, Dec. 13-16, Finnish-Japanese-Korean workshop on inverse problems, Univ. of Helsinki, Webpage (Generalized polarization tensors, imaging and other applications)

2011, Dec. 19-21, Imaging, wave propagation in complex media, and optimal control under uncertainties, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris (Generalized polarization tensors for imaging-a survey)



2010, Feb. 21-26, Some mathematical problems of material science: effects of multiple  scales and extreme aspect ratios, Banff, Canada, Webpage, Video Link

2010, March 18-20, The 10th international workshop on differential equations - in memory of the late Prof. Jeongseon Baek, Chonnam National University, Korea, Webpage

2010, April 26-29, International Conference on Inverse Problems, Wuhan Univ., China. Webpage

2010, June 11-14, Fourth Workshop on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: Analysis, Computation and Applications, Taipei

2010, June 28-July 2, Fifth Pacific Rim Conference of Mathematics, Stanford University, USA. Webpage

2010, July 1 - Aug. 31, NIMS Thematic Program: Mathematical and Statistical Methods of Imaging, Inha Universiity, Korea. Webpage

2010, Aug. 10 - 13,  NIMS Workshop on Mathematical and Statistical Methods of Imaging, Inha Universiity, Korea. Webpage

2010, Oct. 21 - 23, NIMS Rgematic Program Workshop on Conservation Laws, Plasma and Related Fields, Seoul National Univ., Korea, Webpage

2010. Oct. 22 - 23, Korean Mathematical Society, Annual Meeting (Special Lecture), POSTECH, Korea

2010, Nov. 8-12, Inverse Problems: Theory and Applications, MSRI, USA. Webpage

2010, Dec. 13-17, International conference on inverse problems (ICIP2010), City Univ. of Hong Kong. Webpage



2009, Feb. 16-17, 10th Northeastern Symposium on Mathematical Analysis, Sendai, Japan, (Layer potential techniques in spectral analysis), Webpage

2009, Mar. 2-6, 4th International Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing, Hanoi, Vietnam (Blow-up of electrical fields in the presence of closely located inclusions), Webpage

2009, Mar. 14-16, Workshop on PDE, Yamaguchi-city (Decomposition theorems and fine estimates for electrical fields in the presence of closely located inclusions), Japan.

2009, April 2-4, Finnish-Korean Symposium on Inverse Problems, Seoul National University , Korea (Organizer), Webpage

2009, May 11-13, Korea-Australia Analysis Forum (Layer potential techniques in spectral analysis with applications to imaging and optimization), Busan.

2009, June 18-20, 2nd SNU Workshop on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Seoul National Univeristy, Korea (Decomposition theorems and fine estimates for electrical fields in the presence of closely located inclusions), Webpage

2009, July 6-10, 1st PRIMA Congress, Univ. of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia (Invited talk) (Optimization algorithm for reconstructing interface changes of an inclusion from modal measurements), Webpage

2009, Aug. 17-20, International conference on inverse problems and its applications, Hanbat National University, Daejeon, Korea (Organizer), Webpage

2009, Sept. 24-27, Annual meeting of Mathematical Society of Japan, Osaka, Japan (invited talk) (Recent development on conjectures of Eshelby and Polya-Szego)

2009, Nov. 5-7, Conference on Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs, Daejeon, Korea. Webpage



2008, Feb. 11-13, Minicourses on Biomedical Imaging, Institute of Henri Poincare (Invited Lectures; Small inclusion imaging)

2008, Feb. 14-15, Franco-Korean Days of Mathematical Analysis and its Applications, Institute of Henri Poincare (Organizer) Webpage

2008, March 19-21, Minicourse on Inverse Problems, National Taiwan University (Invited Lectures), Webpage

2008, May 26-28, Workshop on Mathematical and Computational Challenges in PDE Eigenvalue Problems, Beijing (Invited talk), Webpage

2008, May 29-31, The 9th International Workshop on Differential Equations, Chonnam National University, Kwanju, Korea (Invited talk), program

2008, June 12-13, Intensive Lecture Program and International Conference on Nonlinear PDE and Applications, Busan National Univ. (Invited talk), Webpage

2008, June 18-20, Workshop on Imaging of Microstructure, Institute of Henri Poincare, Paris (Organizer), Webpage

2008, June 30-July 4, ECMI 2008, London (Invited talk), Webpage

2008, July 28-Aug.1, The 16th International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications, Geongju, Korea (Plenary talk), Webpage

2008, Aug. 4-7, SIAM Life Science Conference, Hyatt Regency in Montreal, Canada (Invited talk)

2008, Oct. 8-10, Variational methods for elliptic PDE's and Hamiltonian systems, POSTEC, Korea (Invited talk), Webpage

2008, Oct. 9-12, International conference on inverse problems and its applications, Fudan University, Sanghai, China (Organizer & Invited talk), Webpage

2008, Dec. 8-10, Workshop on Partial Differential Equations and Fluid Mechanics, Sungkyunkwan Univ. Korea, Webpage



2007, Feb. 7, Institute of Henri Poincare Seminar (Detection of Internal Corrosion)

2007, Feb. 10-12, Mathematical Analysis Seminar, Tsukuba University (Solutions to conjectures of Polya-Szego and Eshelby, and related problems)

2007, Feb. 13-14, The 4th RIMS-SNU Joint Symposium,  Seoul National University (Solutions to conjectures of Polya-Szego and Eshelby)

2007, May 28-31, International Conference on PDE and Applications, Beijing Normal University (Invited talk; Solutions to conjectures of Polya-Szego and Eshelby, and related problems)

2007, May 31-June 2, The 2nd Workshop on Nonlinear PDE, Seoul National University (Invited talk; Detection of Internal Corrosion)

2007, June 7-9, SNU Workshop on Nonlinear PDE, Seoul National University (Invited talk; Complete Asymptotic Expansions for Eigenvalues of the Laplacian in Domains with Small Inclusions)

2007, Nov. 23-24, KSIAM Annual Meeting, Heongseong, Korea (Invited talk; Solutions to conjectures of Polya-Szego and Eshelby-Microstructure and Small inclusion imaging), Webpage

2007, Dec. 7-11, Fourth Pacific Rim Conference on Mathematics, City University of Hong Kong (Pleanry talk; Solutions to conjectures of Polya-Szego and Eshelby), Webpage



Korea Univ. Math. Dept. Colloquium, Sept. 22, 2006 (Solutions to conjectures of Polya-Szego and Eshelby)

Inverse Problems and Applications, Banff, Aug. 19-24, 2006 (On conjectures of Polya-Szego and Eshelby)

Inverse Problems in Applied Sciences, Hokkaido University, July 3-7, 2006 (Scientific Committee)

Joint Workshop between RIMS and Seoul National Univ., Jan. 21-22, 2006 (Polya-Szego Conjecture)



Generalized Polarization Tensors and Applications to an Inverse Problem and Effective Medium Theory, Fabes Lectures, Trieste, Sept. 8-10, 2005

Workshop in Seoul, Inverse Problems, Multi-scale Analysis and Homogenization, June 22-24, 2005 (Organizer)

Polarization tesnors and applications, Conference on nonlinear elliptic and parabolic PDEs, Aug. 18-20, 2005, Jeju, Korea.

Optimal bounds on the gradient of solutions to conductivity problems, The 7th International Workshop on Differential Equations, Chonam National U., Kwangju, Korea, May 19-21, 2005

Generalized Polarization Tensors, Inverse Conductivity Problems, and Dilute Composite Materials, Mathematical Analysis Seminar, Tsukuba Univ., Mar. 6-8, 2005.

Reconstruction of a small inclusion in a 2-D open waveguide, the Fifth East Asia PDE Conference, Osaka Univ., Jan. 31-Feb. 3, 2005.

A direct algorithm for thermal imaging of small inclusions, IIRC Workshop, Yonsei Univ. Jan. 18, 2005



Gradient estimates for solutions to the conductivity problem, 7th SNU-HU Joint Symposium, Sapporo, July 9, 2004

Elastic Moment Tensors and Detection of Elastic Inclusions, Second international conference of inverse problems, Sanghai, 16-21 June, 2004 (Scientific Committee).

Generalized Polarization Tensors and Applications, Special Lecture, Gunma Univ. Feb. 20, 2004

Boundary layer techniques for deriving effective properties of composite materials, Applied Math. Forum, 수안보, Feb. 16-17 (2004).



A new method for reconstructing electromagnetic inhomogeneities of small volume, 5th ICIAM, Sydney, July 7-11, 2003.

Asymptotic expansions of solutions of Lame system and applications, 5th ICIAM, Sydney, July 7-11, 2003.

Reconstruction of small inhomogeneities, Future Directions in Applied Mathematics, International Conference on the Occasion of Jean-Claude Nedelec's 60th Birthday, Paris, June 18-20, 2003, PS file

Asymptotic Expansion of Solutions to the Lam\'e System in the Presence of Inclusions  and Applications, ICSSD2002, Dec. 16-Dec. 18, 2002, PS file

Asymptotic Expansion of Steady-state Voltage Potentials in the Presence of Small Inclusions and Applications, First Jeju PDE Workshop, Mar. 26 - Mar. 28, 2003, PS file

Asymptotic expansion for the Helmholtz equation and Applications, International Workshop on Spectra of Differential Operators and Inverse Problems, RIMS, Kyoto, Oct. 28 - Nov. 1, 2002, PDF file

Asymptotic Expansion of Solutions to the Lam\'e System in the Presence of Inclusions and Applications, Sapporo Symposium on Partial Differential Equations, July 31 - Aug. 2, 2002, PDF file

이질탄성체 탐사, 서울대 강연회, 2002.10.10, PDF file