Lectures (since 2000)


2013 Spring, Applied Mathematics (Lecture Note)

2009 Spring, Real Analysis (HomeWork)

2008 Spring, 미적분학 및 연습 I (Home-page), Introduction to Mathematical Analysis (HomeWork, Midterm1,  Midterm2,  Announcement)

2007 Fall, Calculus II (Home-Page),  TA Seminar (Schedule, Attendance)

2007 Spring, Topics in Analysis (Graduate)

2006 Fall, Complex Analysis (Graduate) (Sylubus)

2006 Spring, Real Analysis(Sylubus)

2004 Fall, 해석개론 II (Web-page), Calculus for life sciences II (Web-Page)

2004 Spring, 해석개론 I (Web-page), Calculus for life sciences I (Web-Page, MapleFiles)

Fall 2003, Topics in Analysis (Sylubus, Lecture Notes, Article)

Spring 2003, Calculus, PDE (Sylubus, 보충교재, 숙제, Midterm, 성적표)

Fall 2002, Applied PDE (Sylubus, HomeWorks, Midterm, Final)

Spring 2001, Calculus II (Sylubus, Exams), Harmonic Analysis

Spring 2000, Advanced Calculus I (Sylubus, Homework and Exams), Real Analysis (Graduate)

Fall 2000, Advanced Calculus II (Sylubus, Homework and Exams), Complex Analysis (Graduate)